Our little drama queen

Well it’s official – even though we have only met her through ultrasounds our little girl is already determined to be a drama queen.  After one incident of bleeding at 11 weeks and a visit to the ER, there was another incident of bleeding at 13 weeks.  It makes us worried, particularly as I had no complications at all during my first pregnancy and with Ava we didn’t know anything was wrong until the tests came back indicating a problem.  For another I’m very glad we already had the NIPT testing which indicated that she’s low risk for the common trisomies as the IPS testing did come back with an increased risk.

I actually ordered a home doppler online today, I had told myself I wasn’t going to, I could wait for my next appointment but I’ve realized it’s just stressing me out.  I figure $100 isn’t too bad for peace of mind and hope it arrives before the weekend.



Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Things have been really busy, I quit my PhD (I had been working on it for almost 7 years – minus one year of maternity leave) and have switched to an M.A.Sc. which I’m hoping to finish soon and I’m looking for a job.  But the biggest news was we got a positive pregnancy test – we had been trying since the loss of A, but it had been 5 months.  And I was actually quite disappointed since I was hoping to be pregnant by her due date which didn’t happen – but this baby was very likely conceived within a few days of her due date.  In fact, it happened almost immediately after I made the switch to the Master’s – I guess there is something to be said about removing stress when trying to get pregnant.

The first few weeks after that BFP were very nerve racking, we didn’t tell anyone.  We have past the first big hurdles: NIPT and the NT scan.  Because of our previous baby was affected by T18 we qualified for the NIPT, a blood test which is much more accurate in the IPS screening for the most common trisomies (T13, 18 and 21) and as a bonus you can learn the sex by 9 weeks.  I had the test done on a Monday when I was 10 weeks and that Friday I had a gush of blood and was terrified that I was having a miscarriage, the bleeding continued but not as heavily as the first gush and had no cramps.  I went to the ER and had an ultrasound which showed a baby with a heartbeat – which is all the ER  could tell me.  The doctor told me that it could be a miscarriage or just unexplained bleeding and to follow up with my doctor – not super reassuring but not a worst case scenario.  So we waited anxiously all weekend and I phoned my Dr. first thing Monday morning and got an appointment for that afternoon.  Looking back now in some ways this bleeding was a blessing as it was Mother’s Day weekend and I was so worried about the new baby that I didn’t really think much about A.  But after making the appointment I got a call about an ultrasound, not through my Dr. but as a result of the ER visit.  So off we went to the ultrasound – I was very glad to have it, the tech actually measured the baby and heartbeat, plus my husband was there.  He didn’t come with me to the ER as someone had to watch M. and our usual go to to watch him was busy that evening – plus we didn’t really want anyone to know.  After the ultrasound we had lunch and then it was off to the Dr.  It was a strange visit – she didn’t know why we were there and the ultrasound results hadn’t arrived yet.  So as we were sitting there waiting for the results she sticks her head in the door and says “Panorama results are in and baby is low risk” and then walks off again – my husband and I just sort of look at each other and he says don’t we get to know the sex?  Fortunately, when she came back she actually had the results in her hand and let us know that it’s a GIRL and she is low risk for the most common trisomies.  So the visit was worth it just for that.

The following Monday was the NT scan, although we had the Panorama results our Dr. suggested the scan as well as other abnormalities can be detected during the scan and the Panorama doesn’t test for all genetic abnormalities.  Fortunately all her measurements were right on track – in fact she was even measuring ahead, which was such a relief as the only thing on A’s NT scan that may have indicated a problem was that she was measuring a week behind, based on my LMP.  So although the early hurdles have been passed, I’m now anxious for the anatomy scan as that’s when A’s problem were obvious.  I’m almost out of the first trimester and hoping she doesn’t give us any surprises.