First Draft

I handed in the first draft of my thesis to my supervisor last week – it was such a relief to get it done.  I felt like I was missing something but couldn’t figure out what it might have been, but it’s done.  And it was good timing as my mom is out of town so I’m left with M for 3 days this week – I love spending time with him but it is impossible to really get into my writing when he’s around.  Even when I put him down for his nap I never know when he’ll get up and it always takes me awhile to get into the writing.  My supervisor got back to me yesterday and I’ve started on the revisions – luckily he thinks it’s in pretty good shape so not too many changes and he made some good suggestions for stuff to add.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to my committee by mid-July and defend before the end of summer and save myself another semester of tuition.

The anatomy scan for the baby is on Monday and I’m looking forward to seeing the baby again, but I’m also nervous.  At this point A problems were obvious on the ultrasound and it was actually sort of shocking to see her abnormalities and realize that somehow even with all those problems her heartbeat always sounded great.



M. had a bad fever this weekend – spiked to 105 at one point.  He is now on the mend but has left behind some exhausted parents.  He actually seemed happy to go to daycare this morning which was a relief.

I really don’t know how parents sleep with their children in their bed.  We did this once when he was well, he tried sleeping on my face, wouldn’t stop moving, seemed to take up WAY more space than he should, etc.  When unwell he was a squirming little furnace.  The next night he was better so we put him in his crib which worked for a few hours and then the crying started so I slept on the floor in his room, it wasn’t very comfortable but he was pretty cute reaching out with his little hand to try and touch me, but he was able to settle and we both got some sleep.

Three weeks until the anatomy scan – I had a dr appointment yesterday and she mentioned they saw a hematoma during my last ultrasound so that’s likely the reason for the bleeding and that’s all she had to say on the subject.  So I assume everything is fine, the baby’s HB was 130 and she found it right away.  The only problem was the usual – she opens at 9, we had an appointment at 9:10 and it was almost 10 by the time we were seen, sigh.  Fortunately my mom was willing to come early in the morning to stay with Malcolm as we didn’t want to drag him out with us.

Home Doppler

So my home doppler arrived.  We tried it quickly before we had to leave for an appointment, but no luck.  But K watched some videos that evening when I was putting M to bed and it took him about 10 minutes to find it after that.  It’s a relief to know that if I’m worried I can reach for the doppler and listen to her heart – I’m telling myself not to use it too often.

Because of the bleeding I did get an ultrasound this morning – she’s looking good and was stretched out across my entire abdomen.  Obviously a baby who doesn’t believe in the fetal position.  But we got to see her moving around, so overall I good ultrasound.  Although at one point to tech did ask when my next appointment was – when I told her a week and a half she said that’s ok.  So we are left wondering if she saw something, but at least it isn’t urgent.