Pink Eye

Who has pink eye – why I do.

This is unbelievable – I’m the one in the family who probably washes their hands the most often and I’m the one with pink eye – although I’m super relieved I’m not trying to stop a two year old from rubbing his sore and itchy eyes.  I noticed my eye was itchy on a Wens and by thursday morning it was sore and red so a stop at the local clinic resulted in the diagnosis of pink eye and a prescription for antibiotic eye drops.  By Friday evening it was really sore so Sat I went to an actual eye doctor – she thinks it’s a viral form but since I’d already started the antibiotics to continue and also suggested regular eye drops which have really helped.  Fortunately, nobody else seems to have caught it and it hasn’t spread to my other eye.  Unfortunately, it seems like how long you are contagious is based on the virus type – which of course you have no idea what it is, so no idea how long I have to be so vigilant in what I’m touching.  I had no idea how often I touch my face during the day until now – my eyebrows seem to get itchy a lot.

Other than this little problem things have been going well.  I managed to get all my changes made to my thesis and it’s off to my supervisor again.  I can feel the baby move with some regularity now – although my husband can’t feel her move yet.  Still looking for a job – I’m not sure if I should look harder or just hope something appears, I’m half way through my pregnancy  which makes finding a job difficult.


19 w Anatomy Scan

It’s done and she was looking good.  Although she was moving around so much the tech asked what I had for breakfast – it was the usual, she’s just super active in the morning.  M was the same.  But they got all the pictures they needed and she was measuring on track and everything was where it was suppose to be.

It’s odd the little things that will set you off – I was ok during most of the scan she was moving around way more than A ever did, all her organs were in the right place and measured correctly – but when I saw those open hands I started crying.  Clenched hands are a sign of T18 and being able to see all five fingers spread wide open set me off.  Even at home there are still little tiggers that bring on a flood of tears – most of the time I don’t even know it’s going to happen until I’m already in tears.  Today the acknowledgement section of my thesis set me off – I’m just finishing up the first review round (hoping this is it) and I’m adding everything for when I send it back to my supervisor.  And writing her name down set me off again.  I’m going to blame it on the pregnancy hormones – although I was never this weepy for any other pregnancy.

I’m currently looking for a job.  I’m not sure if it’s going to go well – I acknowledge the fact that although you aren’t suppose to face discrimination when pregnant if I have the same qualifications as some one else they are much more likely to pick someone not obviously pregnant.  Although I did have an interview a few weeks ago – I didn’t get the job which was disappointing as it was right up my alley but at least I know people are looking at my resume.