Good News

So it looks like I’ve completed all my requirements and should graduate this Fall – no official announcement until Oct 28th and then grad on Nov 12th – my husband and I are wondering how huge I will be by then, I should have fun waddling across the stage.

Even better news is that the husband will be employed again come Monday!  It’s actually a step up in terms of career, which I think is something of a relief, he was starting to think that he would have to settle for a lower position than his previous one just to get employed.  It will be strange with just M and I in the house during the days – I’ve gotten used to having K around to help keep him entertained.

I had my 30 week check up this week and everything seems to be going well – a growth ultrasound is scheduled for 2 weeks which is a nice bonus.  She enjoys kicking, but unlike M she is kicking low.  I know every pregnancy is different but it’s still surprising when things happen differently – although considering I barely felt Ava move this movement is appreciated.



So I have successfully defended my thesis and only have some minor changes to make.  In addition, I had failed my one hour glucose screening but passed the two hour.  So double YEAH!! Now I can celebrate and don’t have to worry about what I’m eating.  Unfortunately the changes need to be made by early next week if I want to graduate this semester and save myself another semester of tuition.

In not so good news my iron is low – not really a surprise as I have struggled with low iron even when not pregnant – but I don’t tolerate iron supplements well, so my Dr. suggested a different type but I felt awful the day after taking them so I haven’t taken them again because I wanted to feel ok for my defence.  But I plan to try them again to see if it was the pills or just something else.  Also, my husband is still looking for a job – he had something really promising – had already had 5 interviews but them they backed out, sigh.  He has a second interview for another company this Friday and here’s to hoping it goes well.