Graduation and a baby

So I “graduated”, ie walked across the stage to receive my diploma, on Nov 12th and that evening I went into labour.  Around 9:30 I realized that my “Braxton-Hicks” contractions seemed more regular and painful than usual – but not unbearable.  However, my Dr. suggested based on my previous VERY FAST labour that with any sign of impending labour that we head in just in case.  So we timed the contractions and they were about 5 minutes apart, so we called my mom to come and watch M.  We made it into the hospital around 11 and they hooked me up to the monitor and that took around 30 minutes before they did an exam and decided that I was 5 or 6 cm dilated, so they weren’t sending me home and already eligible for an epidural.

I have to admit I was thinking they would be sending us home.  With M the contactions were much worse.  The only reason we headed into the hospital was because my water broke.  It was a good thing we did because I was already 9cm by the time we reached the exam room.  And I found out the hard way that if you aren’t screaming and walked in yourself they don’t seem to believe you when you explain how much pain you are in.  That is what I remember most about M’s birth is the nurse telling me to lay still while on the monitor and that they would probably be sending me home and that the pain would only get worse – of course this was before she actually examined me and realized that I was already 9cm.  Instead of sending me home they were calling for the Dr. to come to my room immediately.  Unfortunately, because of my expectations – labour takes hours and the pain builds up over time – and the pain I already in I could not push effectively.  Fortunately, a nursing change took place and the new nurse got me an epidural and it wasn’t long after it started working that we welcomed M into this world – complete with tears and stitches for me.

But back to my most recent labour experience.  We were taken back to our room and they got everything set up and it didn’t take long for the epidural to be placed – unfortunately it did seem to stall my labour.  The epidural also felt a bit weird as it worked  better on one side than the other.  I think it was about midnight when the epidural was placed and they manually broke my water around 3am and then started pitocin around 4am.  My husband and I tried to get some sleep, but the woman next door was screaming so that didn’t make sleeping easy.  Around 6am I was getting fairly uncomfortable so the nurse checked and I was ready to push.  E arrived easily after a few pushes at 6:32am on Nov 13 – with no stitches required for mom.  They decided that my husband and I should be the poster children for a drama free delivery – no panic and/or screaming.