Million Dollar Family?

So I have a boy and a girl and I’m surprised how many people comment – “Oh the million dollar family!”.  All I can do was smile and wonder what they would say if they knew I was hoping for a second boy.

I really didn’t care much about the sex for the first, but for the second I was hoping boy.  Before we lost A it was because I wanted M to have what I had growing up.  My sister was always my best friend – we were both girls and close in age.  I know you can’t guarantee siblings will be close but if possible I wanted that for M.  After A I was hoping for a boy even more because I had a healthy living baby with my boy.  But now that E is here I wouldn’t trade her for anything – although I will never think of us as the million dollar family, after all we had 2 girls and a boy.


Daddy’s Girl

E is growing like a weed.  I finally boxed up the rest of her 3 month clothing to send to her soon to be born cousin – it was so hard to fold up all those little clothes and realize that I will never dress another baby in them.  She is turning into quite the Daddy’s girl – although I get lots of smiles she only really giggles for her Daddy.  It’s very cute and I’m so happy that although she does spend most of her time with me that she is quite happy to be with her Daddy when he’s home.

It’s amazing how different she is when compared with M.  She seems so small to us – but she is our average baby.  M was a beast, he was always in the 90th percentile (weight, length and head size) and that humongous head makes him seem older.  M never really played with his baby toys – we had a play mat for him but he would just stare at the dangling things and never really play with them, he’s played with them more now as a 2.5 year old than he ever did as a baby.  E loves to bat at them and try to pull them towards herself.  She has also learned to tolerate at least some tummy time – unlike M who screamed until he learnt to roll over.  The newest thing is finding her sideways in the crib in the morning – I have no idea how she can move so much in a sleep sack.  We are thinking of getting those mesh bumpers so she doesn’t end up stuck between the bars of her crib – M only did that once but she strikes me as quite the drama queen and considering how much she likes to move I picture lots of screaming “stuck” baby in our future, that or she will be climbing out before we know it.