Winter fun

As M starts school in the fall he is registered with the local Catholic school – everyone who we’ve spoken to has had an overall positive experience there and it’s the closest school.  But there is an added benefit we didn’t even realize.  The affiliated Catholic church is about a 3 minute walk from our door and we are now on the e-mail list for events.  Last Sunday was a winter fun day and it was great.  We had lots of snow fall – 5 to 10cm – and is was perfect for making snowmen.  Plus they had smores!  M had a great time, E wasn’t so thrilled with sitting in the snow – hopefully she will enjoy it more next year when she’s walking.


Although M really enjoys the snow I’ll be glad when the weather warms up.  M has been fighting colds all winter and E has been running around 99 – 100 for about a month, with the occasional spike or dip.  She seems otherwise healthy so there is not much we can do.  Fortunately the ridiculously expensive drug I’m on seems to have kept me amazingly healthy this winter  – I don’t understand why these drugs aren’t immediately prescribed when you’re in chemo.