After marriage

So in my last post I talked about our marriage – and although it wasn’t flashy it will be one of the best days ever because my sister was able to share it with me.  In fact when we first proposed to my sister the idea of getting married right away – she was upset and said no.  We were all quite surprised – it turned out she knew that we were planing a summer wedding and didn’t want to see that changed.  After being reassured that we stilled planed on the summer wedding as well she was quite happy to be my maid of honour.  Oh – that reminds me, we also had to go shopping to find dresses for my mom, grandmother and sister and shoes for me – we were in that mall right until close.

So we were now married, but my husband could only stay a short while – his mother was still in hospital and he had to get back to work.  I’m a PhD student and I will be forever grateful to my supervisor who let me take all the time I needed to be with my sister.  She lasted longer than anyone predicted – and passed away surrounded by family and love on January 7, 2013.