Crazy weather

So this is what I saw outside our door yesterday.


And then this morning there was snow on the ground with freezing rain and wind warnings – making driving so much fun. I will be so happy when I’m not stuffing the kids in snowsuits every mornings and can haul my sandals out of the closet.



Happy Easter!

The kids have decided they love Easter. M was super excited that the Easter bunny was coming to his house! I was surprised that even E seemed to enjoy finding eggs and putting them in her basket.


A wonderful evening

Breast cancer sucks – but it has given the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.

Last night I attended the “Forget for a Moment” makeover.  It was started 3 years ago by Colleen Kanna.  She has a line of clothing ( specifically designed with the cancer patient in mind, but it is super comfortable and does look much better in person. It was a great evening and have decided that I love hand massage! A great big thank you to Colleen, Thyme & Again (for the food), Rinaldo’s Hair design and Holtz Spa.


Long weekend

Sooo, this past weekend was supposed to be a nice long weekend for all of us – but as everyone knows nothing ever goes to plan, particularly if small children are involved.  My husband was taking Friday and Monday off.  We had plans to meet friends for dinner and games Friday night and my mom was going to take the kids so we could sleep in on Saturday.  And then planned to take the kids to a museum on Monday.  However, Thursday I got a call from the daycare, M was running a fever.  So off I go to pick up the kids, it was around 1 pm, so no real point in leaving the girl, plus I’d just have to pack up poor sick M.  So we let my mom know, fortunately other than running a fever and being disgustingly snotty M was in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, my mom was still pretty tired from her bout of the flu, so she elected to stay at our place with the kids.  So at least we got our game night, but didn’t get to sleep in 😒.  Sunday E started showing symptoms of the cold, so we stayed inside all weekend and Monday as well. In fact, yesterday E was miserable and VERY clingy; however, we realized this is likely because she’s teething as well.  She’s been chomping on everything, including my arm and let me say those little baby teeth hurt – it makes me glad I’m not still breast feeding.

More winter fun

I thought I’d post these today in ‘celebration’ of the return of snow.  Hopefully it won’t snow enough for us to need to clear the driveway – our snowblower broke 😒.

Where do they get the energy?

My husband and I have been asking this question a lot recently.  M has taken to waking up early – around 6:30 – and coming into our room, for some reason he seems to do it more often on the weekends 🙄.  And we are trying to be better about his potty – so of course 5 minutes after he’s in bed he decides he needs his potty and then sits there forever and/or decides he needs it multiple times a night.  One night he sat there for almost an hour – I was surprised his legs didn’t fall asleep.  And another he actually fell asleep on the potty!  So he’s still manages to run around like crazy when only sleeping from 9-7 with no nap!  But the worst is it means my husband and I are staying up later so we have some time together sans kids.

And E is wanting to walk – of course she can only do it by holding hands so my back is getting sore.  She also LOVES climbing the stairs.  And also pulling herself up – but then she doesn’t yet know how to get down so she cries.  All of these things means I feel like I’m more attached to her again, which is making it hard to cook dinner.

Fortunately they are both pretty cute.


One week

I’m now a week post treatment – it’s been weird not running around with blood work, picking up drugs and dressing changes.  But it is a nice change of pace – being able to sit at home and deal with side effects without having to push myself.  Fortunately, for me the side effects of the chemo were fairly minor and I hopefully will have no lasting problems – I guess time will tell.  But most of them seem to have past, currently the worst is the tiredness, although that might be a result of having 2 young children!  It probably helps that the weather has been unseasonably warm – neuropathy has been a problem and it’s worse in the cold.  But this has it’s own problems, as it’s now very slippery in areas and I’m at increased risk of bleeding if I fall.